Please only use content moderator tools on the group you have been assigned to/signed up for. If you would like to help out on another group, make sure to ask the head content moderator of that group or let one of us admins know.

Head Moderator

This role can be offered to those who work on the said girl groups official wiki. The head content moderator will patrol the work of the other content moderators for their group. The head content moderator will lead the content moderators to make their groups section fully updated and beautiful just like our kpop girls. (This role cannot be requested if there is already a head moderator. Unless the head moderator would like a Vice Moderator.)

How to request this title:

(If the role is offered no need for the following. This role is only offered to candidates who we think will fit the job.)

Must have 500+ edits on the groups official wiki or be an admin of the official wiki.

If you were the first to create the base page or requested the group to be added, you can also have the title.

How to keep this title:

Please try to update your group once a day if not, once a week. The more the better. We want this wiki to be the girl version of the kpop wiki.

Content Moderator

This role can be offered to anyone who is willing to keep their group updated. Requests are available to anyone.

Here is the list of Head Moderator/Content Moderators for our groups.

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