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Olivia Hye (올리비아 혜), also known as Son Hye-joo (손혜주), is a South Korean singer under BlockBerryCreative. She is the lead dancer and vocalist of the upcoming girl group Loona and its third sub-unit yyxy, as well as representing a wolf, the color silver and a blood plum. She was revealed on March 17, 2018.


  • Name: Son Hye-joo (손혜주)
  • Stage name: Olivia Hye
  • Birthdate: November 13, 2001 (age 18)
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Position: Lead dancer, vocalist


  • She was the twelfth and final member to be revealed.
  • Despite being the second youngest, she is also the third tallest in the group after Yves and JinSoul.
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