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Odd Eye Circle (Hangul: 이달의 소녀 오드아이써클), stylized as ODD EYE CIRCLE and LOOΠΔ/ODD EYE CIRCLE, is the second sub-unit of the upcoming girl group Loona. They debuted with members Kim Lip, JinSoul and Choerry on September 21, 2017 with their mini-album Mix & Match.


September 2017: DebutEdit

On September 9, a promotional image was released on Loona's social media accounts with the text "ODD EYE CIRCLE" confirming that there would be three members and the name of the unit. Following on September 11 was an image of all of the girls together before solo teasers of the girls were released starting with Choerry on September 12 and finishing with Kim Lip on September 14. On September 15, an image was released revealing all of the tracks on the mini-album, as well as the title of Mix & Match.

A series of teasers were released to the public afterwards to connect with fans and inform them about upcoming events such as livestreams.

October 2017: "LOONATIC" (English Version) and Repackage albumEdit

On October 17, a teaser was posted onto Loona's social media platforms to inform fans that an English version of the song "LOONATIC" would be released for international fans on October 23, followed by a teaser for the repackage album Max & Match the next day. Individual teasers went from Kim Lip to Choerry and were released starting October 19 and ending October 21. They made their comeback on October 31.


Image Member Position Animal Color
KimLip Max&Match2 Kim Lip (김립) Leader (Odd Eye Circle) & lead vocalist Owl Red
JinSoul Max&Match2 JinSoul (진솔) Lead rapper & lead vocalist Blue Betta Royal Blue
Choerry Max&Match2 Choerry (최리) Vocalist Fruit Bat Purple




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