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Loona 1/3 (Hangul: 이달의 소녀 1/3), stylized as LOONA 1/3 or LOOΠΔ 1/3, is the first sub-unit of the upcoming girl group Loona. They debuted with members HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul and ViVi on March 12, 2017 with their song "Love & Live".


January - March 2017: Reveal of ViVi & DebutEdit

On January 30, less than a month after YeoJin's solo debut, an image was posted on Loona's social media accounts saying "이달의 소녀 1/3 Coming Soon!"

On February 14, their new member ViVi was revealed through an image being posted on Loona's social media accounts with the caption "It's ViVi that the new member of LOOΠΔ 1/3". However, unlike all other members past HeeJin (the first member), there was no "Who's Next Girl?" teaser and instead, it was just a picture of ViVi with a more mature look than the other members of her unit.

From March 1 to March 3, teaser images were released for ViVi, HaSeul and HyunJin, but HeeJin's teaser was not released until March 5 with a full group teaser following on March 6.

They officially debuted on March 13 with the mini-album Love & Live, having performed the title track of the same name on Inkigayo the previous day.

April 2017 - present: Love&EvilEdit

On April 24, a teaser image for the repackage album was released on Loona's social media with the caption "이달의 소녀 1/3 [Love&Evil], 2017. 04. 27 pm12", confirming the date for their comeback. Teaser images of the girls were released from April 25 to April 27, going from ViVi to HeeJin - their debut order backwards.

On April 26, also, an image was released containing text on it informing people about the songs to be expected on the repackage album, containing new songs "Sonatine" and "Rain 51db". They made their comeback the following day, and performed "Sonatine" on Inkigayo on April 29.


Image Member Position Animal Color
HeeJin Love&Evil HeeJin (희진) Rabbit Bright Pink
HyunJin Love&Evil HyunJin (현진) Cat Yellow
HaSeul Love&Evil HaSeul (하슬) Leader White Bird Green
ViVi Love&Evil ViVi (비비) Deer Pastel Rose
YeoJin YeoJin YeoJin (여진) (unofficial) Maknae Frog Orange



Repackage akbumsEdit


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Love & Live (Love & Evil)

"Love & Live" • "Sonatine"
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